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What do we do?

We have full video production capabilities from concept through to distribution and are known for our professional approach and delivery of outstanding video content that includes training and education resources, business insight and promotional videos, documentaries and television advertising.

Who do we work with?

Cornerstore Media Productions create high quality video productions for clients within the education, community and business sectors. We work with our clients to create engaging videos that inform, inspire and motivate.

Where can we go?

Cornerstore Media Productions is based in Bendigo and regularly takes on projects across Victoria as well as interstate. We are more than happy to work with you anywhere in the world particularly when a nice beach is involved 🙂

Meet who you’ll be working with…Jamie Roberts

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A recent study by Microsoft showed that the human attention span has dropped to around eight seconds. That one second less than a goldfish! Video allows you to get valuable information across in a short amount of time without putting anyone to sleep!


Regardless of whether you work in the business, community or education sector, one thing will remain certain…clients, customers and employees want to be inspired! It’s the magic ingredient that makes what we do matter. Video can cut through the static. Make people think, laugh, question and care…be inspired to take action.


Nearly all the information we believe is important enough to share with others is intended to encourage some sort of action…change a behaviour, buy a product, join a cause, go on a holiday. Video Content gives us more tools to motivate others to take action.  Footage, Graphics, Music, Human faces. If its important enough to share, video will give it your best shot at making a difference.


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